How to test for a leak in your
home's pressure plumbing:

Maybe your water bill has increased or you think you hear water running when it shouldn't be. Do you have a leak? This is a fantastic test to determine whether your pressure plumbing is leaking.

  1. Find your water meter. It is almost always located on your property in a concrete vault at your property line next to the street, although in rare cases it can be elsewhere (like in your back yard, or next to your town-home unit)
  2. Communicate with everyone in your household: Do not to use any water for the duration of this test (half an hour).
  3. Make note of the water meter’s numerical reading.
  4. After half an hour, look at the meter again. Has the number changed? If not, your pressure plumbing does not leak! If so, continue.
  5. If the number has changed, close the valves beneath all your house’s toilets. Sometimes toilets can run when not in use, causing unexpected water use.
  6. Reperform this test (steps 2 through4). Has the number changed? If not, your toilets are cycling when not in use. This is a simple fix that can be performed by any plumber or handyman. If the number has again changed, you most likely have a leak. Give us a call, and we’ll find it for you!