Elite Leak Detection has unparalleled expertise when it comes to finding and fixing concealed leaks. Take a look below for a list of our services. Not sure if we can help? Give us a call!


Pool & Spa Leaks

Pools, spas, fountains... when it comes to the location and repair of leaks in your body of water, there is no company that does it better.

Slab/Concealed Leaks


Did your plumber punch holes through your walls or floor unsuccessfully looking for your mystery leak? Or do you just have a high water bill and want to know why? We will locate your concealed leak with pinpoint accuracy and can repair it with no unnecessary damage to your house.


Utility Line Location

Make sure your path is clear when excavating! Our technicians are expertly trained to track underground plumbing, sewer, electrical, and communication lines.


Thermal Imaging (Infrared Inspection)

Whether looking for residual moisture, radiant heating wires and pipes, roof leaks, or insulation leaks, thermal imaging is an amazingly useful tool.

Sewer Video Inspection

There is no better tool for diagnosing and pinpointing a sewer problem than getting up close and personal with a sewer camera. Root intrusion, pipe breaks, line bellies, and debris blockages can all be found and pinpointed.